Welcome to Baby Product Panels!

Empowering parents to shape the future of baby products. Join our community, share your expertise, and get paid.

About Us

At Baby Product Panels, we believe parents should have a say in the future of baby products. We bring together a community of parents, to co-create safe, high-quality products that support babies' growth and development. By participating in our panels, parents can share their opinions and be rewarded for their time and opinions.

 How it Works

Step 1: Join The Community

Register by visting our sign up, and fill out some information about yourself. 

Complete Screener Call

After you register, if you qualify, you'll be sent an email to sign up for a 5 min call with a representative to confirm your participation. 

Step 2: Sign Up For Panel

Check Email/Text For Upcoming Panels

Once you've completed the registration process, we'll send you new opportunities as they come up.

Participate in Study

We offer a variety of study's, ranging from in person focus groups, to home use product tests. Visit our FAQ for more info about study types. 

Step 3: Get Rewarded

Free Product

Depending on the study, compensation can either free product, or $ compensation.

$ Gift Cards

Gift card value can vary by study, we'll let you know before you sign up what the rewards will be. See our FAQ for more info about rewards.

 Who Is Eligible?

Expecting Parents

Expecting a little one? We'd love to have you as a part of our community. 

Parents of Babies

New or experienced parents, with a baby under the age of 30 months.