What is Baby Product Panels??

Baby Product Panels is a community of experts - experienced parents, new parents, and expecting parents - who participate in research studies to help shape the future of baby products. Our goal is to create safe, high-quality products that support babies' growth and development, while empowering parents to co-create the products that shape the future of parenting.

Who can participate in Baby Product Panels?

Anyone who is an experienced parent, new parent, expecting parent, or caregiver of a child under 30 months is eligible to participate in Baby Product Panels. We welcome parents from all backgrounds, experiences, and parenting styles.

Is there any compensation for participating in Baby Product Panels?

Yes, Baby Product Panels compensates participants for their time and expertise in our studies. Compensation varies depending on the type and length of the study. 

What types of studies and research do you conduct at Baby Product Panels?

Baby Product Panels conducts a wide range of studies and research on baby products, including discussion groups, surveys, and product testing. We cover topics such as baby gear, health and wellness, feeding and nutrition, and more.

How often will I be invited to participate in studies with Baby Product Panels?

The frequency of study invitations can vary depending on your interests and experience as a parent, as well as our current research needs. Some participants may receive several invitations per month, while others may receive invitations less frequently.

Who runs Baby Product Panels?

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